About Fare Share South West

Based in their warehouse in Bristol, they provided over 970 thousand meals last year to over 260 charities and members across the South West, not just Bristol, with this number now rising.

They are absolutely determined not only to stay open but to level up their organisation as far as they possibly can to stop the very worst happening. This includes families and children going hungry who are already living on the breadline and have no budget to stockpile, isolated elderly people who already rely on meals being delivered to their homes and the homeless.

While supermarkets seem empty, there are thousands of tonnes of surplus incredible food in the system, in part due to the hospitality sector closing. There is no other organisation in the region with the capacity to redistribute this food, and FareShare South West is well placed to deliver it straight to those that need it the most.

Just one incredible example of who they are supporting is the Bristol Food Union, a team of top Bristol chefs and food organisations who have created a new initiative to ensure the city's most vulnerable people are fed during the Covid-19 crisis. They're making meals for children leaving the foster care system, NHS care workers and supporting Caring in Bristol feed 500 rough sleepers. This is just one of the charities in one city, imagine the sheer scale of how many people they are supporting in the South West.