DJ Veto Reviews: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Xxplosive/Burn (Big Crown)

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Xxplosive/Burn (Big Crown) shipping 06/07/18

Deliberate capitals! "The Best Hip Hop Covers Band" puts out another forty five of fire on Brooklyn’s Big Crown.

'Xxplosive' covers the Dr Dre tune with the sample you recognise from Badu’s 'Bag Lady' video, main riff carried by the steel pan handlers, Nate Dogg’s vocal riff reprised by the horns. As ever, they pack short and sweet sections with percussive changes at each turn to keep it firing along for a low tempo instrumental.

'Burn' is the Mobb Deep banger of intense hoody down and deadly Infamy. In keeping with the original this is much more subtle changes to the intensity levels through the track, even down to the snare snap start on the four before. As Bacao always do, it’s only a B side due to naming conventions.


Review by DJ Veto.