EMW TV ep.002 Agiris - Incantation video and review.

This track is a great introduction to another artist from Cardiffs exciting electronic music scene.
Creating his own artistic space with references to ancient gods and spiritual transcendents as mentioned in his introduction and combining with forward thinking musical content through collaboration.

As a solo artist he uses only Audacity and a USB mic. This just goes to show that with the right vision and ideas it is possible to bring something refreshing to the table.

There is still alot to discover from Agiris and I’m sure this will appeal to a variety of listeners.
This is #EMWTV and you have been watching Agiris debut music video Incantation.

Agiris Soundcloud: https://buff.ly/2s7i8ME

Agiris Facebook: https://buff.ly/2ICnrhY

Link to original music video: https://buff.ly/2s3B6U4

Fun fact: Agiris features on the album art of Machinehead!

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