…there’s something crazy going in the forest over there: R Seiliog EP review

Aneglur is the closest Welsh translation that could be found for the word obscure. The direct translation would be not clear, indistinct. It is from obscurity that R Seiliog appears on the radar. Transmitting from a market town in North Wales, stories of hearing bass frequencies on the Denbigh moors*, and his love affair with the countryside all resonate. Capturing sounds as some kind of aural diary. Approaching his music from a sound art background R Seiliog has embraced the philosophies and practices of Schaeffers musique concrete and le objet sonore only to mould them in to his own hypnotic interpretations. This is not academia, this is artistic expression through sound. In all of his works there is no lead, no vocal to guide, no distinct choice of language to place. 

The clash of different languages used in track titles (see Cloddio Unterdach) is reflective of the clash of styles within the music and the clash of genres that one would experience growing up in the obscurity of the Welsh countryside with only poor radio signals (pre-digital) to guide. To be fully instrumental benefits the artist’ palette. It is his microscopic attention to detail in this carefully designed sound world (Listen to In Hz - R.Seiliog for a full explanation). There is an important connection with the Welsh language, as a musician, R has performed with Welsh artists in bands but there is no clear affiliation with a particular scene in his music. The artist benefits from being an ‘outsider’, that these sonic pieces are born from obscurity reinforces the allure of his experimental electronic music. There have been studies** as to whether persons with a different mother tongue hear music differently. The conclusion that this is not the case is of great importance when considering these works. Language barriers do not exist here only ones own perception and emotional attachment to sound. 

Shedhead EP was released last year via Cardiff label Turnstile Records.   

* I have borrowed information and the blog title from an interview conducted by Anastasia Connor for DIS - http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4150712-shed-music--dis-meets-r-seiliog 

R Seiliog performs tonight (19th Jan) in Brighton, Hope and Ruin (Free event) - https://tickets.partyforthepeople.org/events/2622-r-seiliog-free-show