Wales Live Music - Save The Parrot Campaign.

If you have been to any live music in West Wales in the last couple of years and follow Welsh music and UK music then there is a chance that you ended up at some point visiting 32 King Street, Carmarthen also known as the Parrot music bar. This small 150 capacity venue with a record store above it hosted some historical events over the last three years, introducing so many people to the vibrant music that travels through Wales. Some would argue that the Parrot even started to create vibrations itself and for me personally I could not agree more. Live music is an essential part of any community, it gels people together, introduces new experiences and allows for stressful days to be forgotten and replaced with loud noises. 

Whether it be blast drumming, electronica synth pop, spoken word or Welsh traditional folklore, the Parrot was and still can be a stage for West Wales week in week out. And so it is with great importance that the West Wales Music Collective have taken on the honourable task of raising enough funds to keep this most valuable stage open. They have already managed to raise an amazing £6099 of the £10,000 target required and with 18 days left it is vital that support is shown. 

If like me you would like to see more young musicians play their first ever live show alongside retired legends of music making extraordinary appearances in an intimate and exciting venue then please consider helping in anyway you can, the obvious way would be to donate but if money is not possible then please consider taking a few minutes to share this link around your social networks and give live music a fighting chance in West Wales. Here is a link to the campaign - 

EMW have been asked to put on a benefit gig to raise more awareness and funds and if you are an artist, musician or music lover with ideas of what we could do to make the night that little bit more special please do get in touch - Put 19th December in your diaries and lets spread the word! It seems that the word truly is the bird. 

The track playing in the video is Carmarthen's very own band 'Tree of Wolves'.