'Tracks' Peski Records latest release from the field recordist Location Baked.


This sometimes disjointed sometimes perfectly musical work from Location Baked titled ‘Tracks’ is an exploration of field recordings gathered during travels around Europe. It is possible to hear influences from the experimental works that came from the German movement of Krautrock and also the more academic works of field recording pioneers such as Pierre Schaeffer, John Cage and Walter Ruttman. Loops of found sound built up and combined to create musical collages of sound. 

These field recordings are broken up occasionally with instances of electronic percussion or what can at least be translated as a drum track. ‘Tracks’ is definitely borrowing from loop culture that we have become so accustomed to and infatuated with but also leans in to the more experimental side of sound manipulation especially noticeable on the track ‘Club’, if this is what clubbing is like in the mind of Location baked then it must be a great place to be.

Through capturing these different sound worlds Location Baked has managed to present short moments of time, and therefore memories of his travels in a very interesting way and as an EP this release works, each track flows in to one another well and it is definitely a piece that should be experienced in its entirety. It is great to see experimental music getting a platform from a label based in Wales (Peski) and hopefully we will continue to hear releases like this and other works getting the exposure they deserve. 

For fans of field recording and experimental electronica from the likes of Luke Vibert, Prefuse 73 et al.

Here is another track titled 'Pub' from the EP. 

You can download this release today direct from Peski - http://www.peski.co.uk/release/1005/peski031/tracks-ep

"Earlier self-releases have included a fictional road trip around South Wales by Kraftwerk under the moniker Stuttgarter Strasse (Soundcloud) and the first EP 'Dislocation Brakes' under the Location Baked name (Soundcloud). His track ‘Caution’ was featured earlier this year on the ‘CAM 1’ compilation album of experimental music from Wales, whilst the 'Tracks' EP is his first release on Peski." http://www.peski.co.uk/release/859/peski024/cam-1