Electronic Music Wales loves you and needs you this Christmas!

This Christmas I have decided to run with a re-launch of my blog EMW in line with a University project at USW where I am currently studying Creative Sound and Music. I will be conducting interviews with a few exciting projects happening in the music world and I will use the Christmas holidays to promote the relaunch through a Newsletter designed on Mailchimp. I will be gathering emails in the run up to the relaunch and using my social streams on Twitter, Facebook and Google + to reach a large audience. 

I believe that around Christmas more people will have free time to read about and listen to the featured artists and this will help EMW gain popularity within the music community. 
Alongside conducting the interviews I will take this opportunity to give the blog/website a makeover and I plan to have it ready by the time the newsletter is sent out. At the moment the blog is running on Googles Blogger platform at this URL (http://electronicmusicwales.blogspot.com). I would like to take this opportunity to create new collaborations and connections to keep the concept of EMW alive and kicking in to 2015. 

I will be featuring influential figureheads who have been doing amazing work within the different communities of electronic music including a Q+A with a Dub festival in North Wales, a charity project that is raising funds for Macmillan cancer through releasing electronic music, an artist who is deeply involved in the electronic music community in Cardiff and I am currently making more connections to have a nice spread of news to take in as we all munch on mince pies. 

My aim is to build up a strong community of like minded people with a dedication and love for making and listening to music. Wales has always been overshadowed by it’s larger cousins in England such as Bristol, London and Manchester and I believe it is vital for young musicians growing up in Wales not to be disheartened by where they are living but to feel empowered to continue creating, collaborating and sharing their projects with the world. 

I take inspiration from melting pots that have grown in to massive influencers within the music makers world such as Detroit, Bristol, LA and Berlin. All of these places have managed to become bastions of electronic music despite the struggles each have faced thanks to individuals and groups of passionate people.

Wales being predominantly rural with small pockets of towns connecting the dots can sometimes feel like a struggle to make anything happen but with the exciting times we live in both technologically and socially and with the amount of attention and influence electronic music and music has now, I believe it is possible to continue building a community that talks to each other, collaborates and continues to add new perspectives of making and enjoying music to the world.

EMW will continue to join the dots and will also become a platform to release new music to the community it builds. As with anything that works it involves more than one head to keep a project going and I am always looking for new ideas and people as passionate as I am to lend a helping hand. 

Please take a second to read the first EMW newsletter here - eepurl.com/8UWE9 
 and see where it is right now by reading a few of the posts. Please sign up to the newsletter and help by sharing with family and friends. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all a beautiful end to this crazy year.

If you have any criticism or would just like to show me you are out there get in touch:

Twitter: EMWBlog Facebook:ElectronicMusicWales Email: electronic.music.wales@gmail.com