The Urban Music Awards - Hagie with coverage plus an interview with Fuse ODG.

The UMA music award is the leading worldwide awarding body for Urban music, with award ceremonies happening all over the globe. EMW went down to the 11th annual ceremony held in London, that is helping to raise awareness for #ProjectPhillipines.

It has been a good year for urban music, even if don’t follow the chart and popular music you would have noticed just on the radio. 2013 saw a lot of big hits being more hip hop or dance floor influenced. The scene is tipping away from your factory, reality artist (Pop Idol, X Factor etc) even though they're still about. The biggest songs of the year, like “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk or “Waiting All Night” by Rudimental obviously have that “Pop” edge to it, but are heavily influenced by Urban music. If you look at the 10 biggest songs of the year so far, you will see that not one of the top ten is a factory artist. They are all artists in their own right. We are steering away from the age of artists who are just faces and voices into the age of the artist ruling the scene.

The UMA operates by letting the fans vote for the nominations for the 21 awards, also the fans voting who wins out of the nominees. So you can say its an award that is put together and made by the audience. Which to me represents how good an artist is over a panel of judges.

The Big name of the event was Fuse ODG, who picked up artist of the year plus three other awards including best single, best collaboration and best video for his hit “Antenna” featuring Wycliffe Jean. We managed to get a quick interview with Fuse about his work and winning the awards.

Photo by Annie Edwards

"...just stay constant, be patient. Patience is the major key in achieving your goals, It’s not always going to come when you want it. It's going to come in good time, so keep your head down and stay true to what you're passionate about." Words of advice from Fuse ODG interviewed by Hagie

EMW: Hi I’m Gethin from Electronic Music Wales, first thing how does it feel to win two awards it must be a privilege
Fuse’s manager: He won four!

EMW: Four?

Fuse’s manager: Yeah four.

EMW: Sorry man

Fuse ODG: Haha, Nah its alright. What can I say It’s Crazy man, I’m Overwhelmed, you know because to get six nominations was enough of an honor, but to pick up four out of the six is just an amazing achievement man, it just keeps giving me more and more motivation to keep working hard. Also big shout out to the UMA’s for recognising our hard work.  

EMW: What can we expect in the future?
Fuse ODG: My new single million pound girl, the video is out on youtube at the moment, tv stations, radio stations have started pumping it now. You know kiss FM, choice FM, 1Xtra, But you know its coming out, go pre order your copy, Coming in stores December the 22nd.

EMW: Willdo willdo. Can you briefly tell us what influences you to make music?

Fuse ODG: what influenced me is my passion for Africa, my passion of wanting to change lives, and you know the best way I can do that is through my music. You know I went back to Africa around 2011 to soak in the music, and you know what I saw over there, I was so inspired by it. It wasn’t what I was seeing on TV over here in the UK. So I really wanted to showcase that side of Africa, and I’m glad I can showcase that through my music videos, through the talks that I do, though the songs that I make and the feeling that people get. You know it’s just that passion of wanting to change the perception of the continent, and to make a better perception on black people in the media. It’s an ongoing mission, It’s more than the music man, and that’s why were still here.

EMW: That’s some truths man, Have you got any words of wisdom for up and coming Mc’s and artists?

Fuse ODG: Yeah defiantly man, just stay constant, be patient. Patience is the major key in achieving your goals, It’s not always going to come when you want it. Its going to come in good time, so keep your head down and stay true to what your passionate about.

EMW: Well thank you Fuse for your time.
Fuse ODG: It’s been a pleasure.

Photo by Annie Edwards

Photo by Annie Edwards

It was a prestigious night for urban music. With Kiss FM winning “Best Radio Station” and Charlie Sloth from 1Xtra winning “Best Show” for the platform he has given to new and upcoming mc’s, which is understandable. "Best Male Artist" went to Ghetts and "Best Grime MC" went to Big Narstie, who was the life of the media room, bantering with all the reporters and calling photographers “spicy”, defiantly a larger than life character. (check out his YouTube channel for tips on cooking, women and about anything else, well funny). There were a couple awards if you asked me went to the wrong person, but because the awards are nominated and chosen by the fans, so I suppose I can’t complain and keep my opinions to myself.

Photo by Annie Edwards

Photo by Annie Edwards

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