Free live music at Foyer Sessions, the Sherman Theater this Saturday (16th November) w/ Conformist and Macho City.

"...we’re always looking at ways to develop audiences and welcome more people into our lovely building." Ceri-Ann talking about the Sherman Theatre.

This Saturday sees the continuation of the free live music event at Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. With a live set of cut up electronic sounds from Conformist and an industrial electronica set from Trukers Of Husk off shoot Macho City this will be a great opportunity to hear some exciting and not heard before material from two really exciting Cardiff acts. Here's the event page - Starting at 8 pm at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. EMW caught up with Ceri-Ann who's behind these exciting sessions.

EMW: Welcome to EMW. Please could you tell us a little about what Foyer Sessions at the Sherman is about? 

FS: At The Sherman, we’re always looking at ways to develop audiences and welcome more people into our lovely building. I’m a big music fan so suggested providing free live music within the foyer area.

I then approached my colleague and friend, Adam Jones, to help me with the programming. His depth of music knowledge far surpasses mine so he’s crucial to our programming decisions…. And I learn lots from him!

On a purely musical level, we book bands that at least one of us feels passionate about or whose sound immediately grab us. We try to support local, emerging talent within Wales and we're very fortunate being located in Cardiff due to the wealth and variety of different music on offer. We look for a contemporary edge to the music -  that could be anything from Indie, Electronic to Modern Folk, Country.

We hope people will enjoy seeing live music in a very contemporary space. There's little argument that small, dark music clubs are often the best venues to watch a band but occasionally it's nice to sit down on a comfy sofa, with a good local ale!  It's surprising how many people opt for a pot of tea and a piece of cake!

However, I don’t think the grimy electro sounds of Conformist and Macho City will lend itself to sofa sitting - let’s get up and dance!

EMW: Nice! How long have you been running these sessions?

FS: They’ve been running for around 18 months

EMW: How do musicians get in touch  about performing at a session?

FS: Musicians can email

Looking forward to a fresh evening of electronic music! If you'd like to find out more follow Sherman on Twitter @ShermanSofa and on Facebook - 

Take a listen to Conformist and grab a free download on his Bandcamp.