Sweet short documentary on Cassette tapes.

I'm sure for many music fans from my generation (born in the 80s grew up in the 90s) the cassette (alongside vinyl) was the first introduction to recorded medium. What was so great about cassettes? You could record on to them! Whether it's your favorite radio show, a fresh mix of your latest music purchases or your first steps into music production. Cassette was one of the only mediums that would allow so many kids to start experimenting with recording and editing. I love the hiss, the slight pitch alterations and the A B format.  This is a great short documentary about the amazing medium and it's revival through labels like Kissability and blogs like Awesome Tapes From Africa (Highly recommended). 

Kissability (Transgressive and Jen Long) - http://kissability.net/

Awesome Tapes From Africa blog - http://www.awesometapes.com/