Help Sonia (Push Promotions) Find a Bone Marrow Donor

Some of my first experiences of electronic dance music came through the outstanding label, Botchit & Scarper. They have been behind some of the best breakbeat records released ever! The Urban Funk Breaks compilation is a great introduction to the label. Mixed by SOTO and featuring an array of bass laden tracks designed to tear the face off of any dancefloor. One half of SOTO is Sonia (Sonia Push Promotions) who last year started getting in touch with music and interview opportunities. I managed to hook up with Memory 9 and bass warrior Freq Nasty because of Sonia and I am very grateful for this. Recently the very sad news that Sonia has Leukemia came through on social streams and in email. The dance music community have united to find Sonia a donor.

Please register today with I registered and it was as easy as spitting in a tube. Please share with friends and family and help the dance music community save one of their hardest working DJs and Promoters. Mixed race are especially important . Please share! FACEBOOK PAGE >>> <<<

If you are in London on the 28th March. There will be a dance music extravaganza with some of the best names in the business putting on a fundraiser at The Egg Club. FUNDRAISER EVENT PAGE