Max aka Kelan teaches EMW some Etiquette.

Here at Electronic Music Wales I realise that the music we make, listen to, talk about and love doesn't begin and end at the border. The blog has always wanted to document projects that celebrate the love of music that has influenced so many in recent years, the fact that three out of the four guys behind this great night are originally from Wales is just the icing on the cake really! A night that is working hard to bring quality ground breaking music to club nights in Bristol is Etiquette. Max aka Kelan explains more - 

"We aim to blur the lines between the different genres that this city has taken in over the years." - Etiquette Facebook page

Etiquette is a promotion company based in Stokes Croft, Bristol. It was set up by four producers and DJ’s Vaun, TrojanKelan and Matt Light, who have different tastes and backgrounds in electronic music but who all had the same idea of a club night to meet their desires. Etiquette showcases cutting edge bass music from all corners of the spectrum. We aim to blur the lines between the different genres that this city has taken in over the years.

I feel that at our nights you get the music that has influenced these genres and also the music that has come out of these genres

We all have our own areas of taste, I think this is shown in the line up's for our nights. Each night is slightly different from the last.

In the past we have had artists as diverse as Superisk (Sureskank, Central Spillz), New York Transit Authority (Lobsterboy), Distance (Chestplate).

We have also had several shit hot local and rising talents: The Kelly Twins (Idle Hands), Josh H (Wicked Bass Records), Snygg (Future Electronic Music), Spooks and Shaun P (Crazy Legs), Monkey Wrench, Sly One and Lojik. I highly recommend you check out these artists Soundclouds for tracks and mixes.

"The night will display a snapshot of where Dub Step is at in 2012" - Facebook event page

Our upcoming line up is going to be a night of quality Dub Step and Bass music for people with deeper tastes... Biome (Osiris Music / Black Box / M.U.D) , ANEX (M.U.D / Deep Heads / Rood FM),  KURSK (Innamind Recs / Rood FM) , VAUN (Redshift-One / Soulstep) and Hosted by Pdubz (T.M.P.R)

Download: Anex - The Real EP [320kbps mp3]

Watch out for an interview with Vaun coming soon plus the Etiquette lads will be dropping an exclusive mix for Electronic Music Wales soon so keep checking back! Peace