An interview with a squire of dub - ed!t plus EMW 003 Free Download of his track One Chance Dub

ed!t hails from the subsonic plains of Dub music, putting together the sounds of classic techniques with cheeky twists that bounce around your eardrums. It is a great to pleasure to announce the next EMW free release will be his track 'One Chance Dub'. Go get it on our Bandcamp then take a look at this little interview with the man himself right here! Bless

HJ: Welcome to EMW. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

e: I man be ed!t,.. dubadub producer,.. coming straight from the greenginger dunjun,..

HJ: What made you want to start making music?

e: Those strange creatures that "fly" and "sing" over our heads, I think some people call them.... "birds", anyway them!

HJ: Who are your main influences?

e: "Mankind" and the Kingdom of Fungai, cuzz they're huge and unstoppable!

HJ: You're producing mostly as a solo artist. Do you have plans to collaborate with any other producers?

e: I have plans yes!! First off to create a live dub experience, incorporating some of the finest musicians locally.

HJ: Tell us about the track you have kindly offered up for a free download?

e: Well it started 5 years ago, I had an objective to create something solid and grounded,.. and 5 years later, this is what we got.

HJ: Top 5 tracks of all time?

Groundation - Any of their work!

Kora - Politician

Katchafire - Seriously

Michael Jackson - Black or White

Goldfish - We Come Together

Many thanks to Harish for getting this Electronic Music Wales movement rolling... Hats off m8tey

Peace and love shall conquer.

Thanks and blessings to ed!t for the words and music and Maya Mitten aka Kiss Mitten for the artwork! Bless