Utopia Music interview with Mako


Utopia Music have been pushing their unique Drum and Bass sound for the last couple of years, with connections to some of the best producers on the scene including Break and D Bridge. Mako talks a little about the label and plans for this year.

HJ: In a previous interview (http://organicbeats.co.uk/music/interviews/mute-mako/) you mentioned some sound advice from Fierce, "that the music was the the first and foremost thing you should concentrate on." Do you feel with Utopia Music you have managed to maintain this focus?

UM: Very much so.  It is the continuing constant in everything I do. I do realise now though that to sell the music and to get the artists the money they deserve you need to have not just sick music, but a good presence on the internet and to hit the right spots at the right time. I've tried to work with a few hi-profile musicians for remixes and collaborations to help raise the profile of the label whilst maintaining full control over what comes out.

Mute & Mako

HJ: Being in Bristol you are surrounded by a vibrant music community. How important is it for a label to have such a community and do you think that a label should directly correlate with it's community?

UM: Hmmm, my community is the world/universe not just Bristol.  I don't want to see the label as being from Bristol as it really evolved from everything, not just the city.  As for interacting with the community, I want to interact with anyone who's vibing off similar things, no matter where they come from.  I actually like vibing with people who don't like the same things as me too.  It gives a different perspective on the music and always keep you grounded.  Bristol is special to me however, having Break and the Symmetry studio here does help a lot and I've met other well sound sick producers here too, namely D Bridge, Fierce and Critical Impact recently.

HJ: With more and more labels going 'digital only' do you feel that an element of drum and bass music will be lost i.e. the process of getting music cut to vinyl.

UM: Good question.  I don't know.  For as long as Utopia Music is alive, we will produce records.  I don't wanna hate on digital, but it has made it a lot easier for people to steal our music. It's a little bit saddening but we've got to roll with the punches and stay in this game.

HJ: What are your plans for Utopia Music this year?

UM: 007 arrives on the 20th February.  We have the Mikal 12" coming at the end of April for UM008, and much more music in the pipe line.  So many sick tunes are getting tried and tested on the road and in the studio. Getting sooooo vibed off it right now.  I'm booking in the mastering for a Fields 12" (UM 009) this week and 010 is a collab with Break which we finished off last weekend :)

HJ: Top 5 artists to watch in 2012?



And always look out for Break. 10 years in the game and still making the sickest tunes.

Thanks to Mute, Mako and James Example for the opportunity to put together this interview. Check out Utopia Music for loads of exciting music in 2012.