EMW posse cut saga (episode 1)

"Picture it as a big collaborative showcase that's hosted, presented and promoted by EMW"

For the first episode we are covering a hip hop posse cut/showcase. The other episodes will be specified to different genres. Our aim is to have 5 episodes/tracks for a broad quickfire esque showcase EP.

Episode 1: A 4-5 minute track that consists of 8bar sections that constantly change. The track will be 92bpm, each 8 bar section is unique and must have a different beat and mc. We will post all the progress on a private soundcloud set. Whoever is following needs to know what beat and style they are following so we will treat this project as a tight community. Feedback will be given by Billy phono, Harish jariwala and Mr digital. Feel free to drop into half or double time, or attempt to flow from the 8bars you follow.

So, producers need to pair with vocalists. If you are both a producer and vocalist, you can make beats for other vocalists or put vocals to other peoples beats. But not on your own beats. This is a collaborative effort so let's network.

The other episodes will be things like. A free for all instrumental posse cut, get to chopping each others beats ect.

An experimental folk cut.

A dub cut ect. Picture it as a big collaborative showcase that's hosted, presented and promoted by EMW.

If you find yourself reading this, welcome aboard. This is exclusive to invites only. After you make your contributions and have had the confirmation from us you will be left in the dark, to keep it fresh for all involved. And if for example you are only involved in one episode/track then you won't have access to the other episodes unless you are involved. Confused? Questions? Consult Bill, Harish or Digital.

If interested get in touch by email - electronic.music.wales@gmail.com or on Facebook like Electronic Music Wales and leave a comment.

Bless x