Philip Morris = Lady Liberty Is Wasted

Lady Liberty is Wasted

Phillip Morris releases his 4th album
"Lady Liberty is Wasted"

A mere 6 months after his last release "The Truth Campaign", Phillip Morris released his newest album "Lady Liberty is Wasted". This is a compilation of unreleased older songs, and a handful of new songs that were created both while he was working on The Truth Campaign, and after it was released.
This album traverses a wide range of subject matter including, but not limited to: His nerdy endeavors (Get My Nerd On), Chicago politics and race relations (Requiem for a Long Winded City), having a healthy obsession with tattooed women (Bad News), and even a song that compares life's struggle to the video game Final Fantasy (Squared Away). The album culminates with the title track "Lady Liberty is Wasted", which finds Phillip Morris attempting to seduce the human personification of America (Lady Liberty) from the perspective of a lobbyist, in an attempt to use her for his own personal gain.
If the description alone doesn't serve to convey this will not be your typical hip-hop record, the artwork (drawn by Katie Kroeck) does a great job of foreshadowing the erratic journey that awaits your eardrums.
Featuring production from around the country and around the globe: S1 & Caleb, Herma Puma (US/UK), Tensei, Mister Digital (United Kingdom), Kid Static, Nevahmind (Sweden), Vans Beats (Germany), Japandrew, Game of Death, and Phillip Morris. Phillip is currently planning on shooting at least one music video from this album, so stay tuned for information about the upcoming video!
This album is available for instant download on Phillip Morris' Bandcamp page where listeners can listen to and download the entire album FOR FREE, or you can donate to the cause by setting your own price.

Download your copy of Lady Liberty is Wasted, and feel free to share!!