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FEATURING: Brotherman, Eva Lazarus, Chalk MC, Louis Vines, Kaos, A - Kid, B'Tol, Rat Tash Collective, Skunkadelic, Equis & The Ruby Kid!

"Abstract Soundz Presents" is the debut album from this producer featuring guest MCs from London, Bristol, Cardiff and Sheffield.

Influenced by classic beatmakers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Just Blaze etc this release is staright up sample based boom bap hip hop with a blend of funk, soul and Jazz. Check the reviews............

"Loving the vibe of it, it sounds fresh. the rawness of the beats and the crackle of the vinyl samples is something I really miss from a lot of music I hear these days. Its really refreshing to hear some quality uk hip hop!" - DJ Khalil (Living Proof)

What else have I been checking out? Oh yeah, Abstract Soundz (a producer) dropped an absolute gem from out of nowhere featuring a whole host of interesting MCs who I'll definitely be on the look out for. The release is just called 'Abstract Soundz presents...' and it features a whole host of accomplished and funky productions, rappers such as Brotherman, B'Tol, Chalk MC, Louis Vines, Equis (who's French), Skunkadelic, Tom Long, Kaos, A Kid and The Ruby Kid and the sublime vocals of Eva Lazarus - don't be put off if you don't recognise some of these names - they are all worth listening to. - CertifiedBanger.co.uk

The abstract sounds of vivid classic soul, intertwined with the sounds of hip-hop, is just one way to sum up his music making skills to perfection. The hip-hop producer by the name of Abstract Soundz, has beeen producing hiphop based samples for about 5 years and has worked with up and coming independent hip-hop artists in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Shefield and Newcastle; Including Brotherman, Kaos [who PTMICUK has featured - check the archives], B’tol, Skunkadelic and Eva Lazarus. This is definitely for the hiphop lovers who loved the era of J.Dilla. - Pass The Mic UK

Copy and paste this link for free Download:http://www.sendspace.com/folder/fie56g

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