Mister Digital to take over the Hip Hop side on EMW

You will remember back in November of last year I posted an interview with Mister Digital about his past work and future projects. Check it out here. Well it is a new year and so a new vision for the blog. As of today he will be taking control of the Hip Hop side of things on EMW. I can't think of a better person for the job! As a producer he is deep inside the Welsh and Worldwide Hip Hop sound and is in contact with a massive community of beat makers, MCs, artists and breakers. Part of the Welsh chapter of the universal Zulu Nation, Dragon Zulu's and the official producer of the Battle Holex Worldwide b-boy crew (check out their Facebook group here), Mister Digital is already working on an interview with Homeboy Sandman who is coming to the UK in the next couple of weeks plus an exclusive interview with 4dee and his work with Zulu Nation. 

To get in touch with Mister Digital about features and any other business check his Facebook or send him an email: dayle_lew@msn.com.

Really excited about this!