2010 and back again!

Doubt (Doc Daneeka All For Space Grime Mix) by delphic

2010 looks like a good year for Mial Watkins aka Doc Daneeka with a LTD blue vinyl release of the above remix on Tres Cool and a release on fabric's Elevator Music Compilation.

fabric presents Elevator Music: Vol. 1 from Fabric London on Vimeo.

The Album is available now! ^^^^

~On February 11th, Kruger Presents: Wonky Disco will be bringing Doc Daneeka to the Cardiff Arts Institute for an evening of cutting-edge sounds for the dance floor from dubstep to UK funky. Cardiff Arts Institute

and Meta Beats and his collaboration with brooklyn based lyricist Elucid

<a href="http://elucid.bandcamp.com/track/whirlwind-through-cities">Whirlwind Through Cities by E L U C I D</a>

Also a shout out to SF producer and writer Comma www.staylucid.com who has released his very own <a href="http://comma.bandcamp.com/track/ghost-yards">Ghost Yards by Comma</a>
for free through bandcamp . And of course a shout from the man himself.

Word! I would definitely shout out (Frite Nite) which is run by (Salva). (EPROM). (DJG). ( Eskmo). (Ghosts on Tape). ( Epcot ). (Low Limit). off the top of my head.

All of the above are well worth the time so go check it!

What I do realise is that it's no good just prancing off around the globe with no real reference or links back to Wales so I have a link that might just hold up in the courts of blogosphere land (WHAT?). You may have heard of an artist and producer named Daedleus? Well searching through the web I found out that he has strong feelings about Wales

~ "One note, I used to lie about being born in Wales, all through-out my childhood. I really love the country, and I do have family from there, but now that I have a record called Of Snowdonia I have to drop the pretense and accept the truth I'm a wannabe Welshman."
Junk Media's Lee Henderson Interview with Daedleus. May 19, 2004

There it is! And to bring us back up to date Daedleus is releasing his new album "Righteous Fists Of Harmony" on March 23rd 2010. And here is his stunning video -

Daedelus "Righteous Fists of Harmony" from DestroyRockMusic Inc. on Vimeo.

And finally some exciting work from Cons Pinc who I interviewed a while back in 2008

wannabe from cons pinc on Vimeo.


edit: made a mistake Comma is from SF not LA.