yo and ummmm......yo


Hi i'm finkthast AKA DeeJayNayKid.

I'm a 26yrold Swansea based dude.

I guess i'm here to speak to anyone who finds us eh?

Tell your friends x

I figure it's my intention is to share my passion and knowledge on all things underground, fresh or Baaaaad and to make sure that where and when i can, it focuses on happenings and possible links to welsh artists, nites, labels, ,collective's and generally whatever the fcuk is relevant right about now.

SHRUNKEN headsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
So i figured for my first post i'd carry on the hiphop theme. (We'll get back to "electronic" in one hot minute fool!)

Shrunken Heads is all up in ya face with they're shrunken hairy faces (and smooth heads)
confused yet????

They are a Swansea based collective of producers, rappers, serial rollie smokers and DJ's.
It's also the name of a monthly friday that's taking place in Sigma, which is next to the old Escape. The SH famm consist of Beast (OG), Randomchris (rhymes) Darkhorse aka DHK (rhymesNhype), Shaggg (bass), Jilted jAH (rhymes & MPC/beats) & Snooch (cuts & scratches).
They got a definite swansea style that has swagger, mad concepts, a raw production ethic, some great scratching and an ever productive work rate. Most importantly these guys try hard and should be heard!!

If that sounds propamush, you should check this show they did on VillageBass this past tuesday. A true feast from beast and crew of beats and rhymes, shit's n giggles. Village bass is a weekely tues nite radio show hosted by Robtheraver and it features a different swansea based artist, label or nite doin their thing each week. U can d/l the show below. Yo




also, you can check the ShrunkenHeads playing at this all day event which on sun 21st Feb and shaping up to be well tasty.



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