Trip to India.

I realise that this blog has pretty much died a death :*( So in a last attempt to bring some life to this dark lonely corner of the blogosphere I will be setting out on a project based on my trip to India in December. I plan to take my portable recorder with me on our travels and will hopefully be getting some soundbytes on my way. I will then load them up onto my Soundcloud account and make downloads available to anyone who wishes to use them in their work. If this idea works I would love to hear some feedback. Anyway we'll be in India from the 10th December and traveling by Train and Bus around Kerela and Goa. Fingers crossed I'll capture some magic sounds along the way to share and use in my own projects. If you come across this page and fell like this is a good idea let me know and start following me on Soundcloud, Twitter, Myspace etc I'll be posting up WAV files either during or after the trip. Anyway please leave comments or ideas. Peace. Hari.

Twitter: @harij