I'd like to say hello to all watching this blog,

I'm Aidan, based in Newport and I will now be helping to update this blog with reviews, interviews and other cool stuff,

for my first post, I would like to invite you all to an eclectic event that will be happening in Newport this week:

The event features a diverse group of individuals who will be the first graduates of Creative Sound and Music in Caerleon.

All of these people have engaged in a challenging study of contemporary music and the event will be a showcase of their personal resolutions on the subject.

The musical style will vary and intertwine between ambience, glitch, folk and electronica along with some unique styles that are hard to place under any title.

If you can't make the events on May 2nd or 3rd, then there will be another event on June 6th also, you can contact me to book tickets @ aidanrtaylor@googlemail.com

The events are all taking place at the Riverfront in Newport and there will be big and late afterparties for all of them.

You can get a taste of the artists music at the course website: Creative Sound and Music

Keep checking up on the blog for artist and album reviews related to the event!