Interview with Cons. Pinc|17.02.08

HJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

CP: Ive spent the last three years in Bristol but before that I could be found frolicking around the hills of South West Wales. I started playing around with character design about 4 years ago in Coleg Sir Gar, Llanelli, moving to Bristol really blew my mind the scene here is right up there, everywhere you look theres stickers, tags, pieces its really inspirational, pushes you to get better you know?. I was also really lucky to end up living with Choobi his characters and work rate made me really get my head down.

HJ: Why the name Cons. Pinc?

CP: Basically I used to call myself Conspiracee when I was a whipper snapper and didn’t want to change it after years of writing it but its a bit long and ugly to write so I shortened it to Cons. The Pinc bit comes from the collective I formed with the mighty Choobi, Pinc being short for

HJ: Who/What inspired you to start drawing?

Uuum I dunno what made me start but Bristol really made me try and take myself to the next level, when I was living with Choobi we used to have whiteboard battles on one of those wipe clean whiteboards that you draw on with markers, I’d get home one day and there’d be something drawn on it, and I’d change it and draw a character attacking his and it could go on for days, that really helped cause through it we sort of took on each others styles and techniques.

HJ: There is a strong musical theme in some of your work. Has music played a large roll in finding your style?

CP: I guesse it must have a subconscious influence in everything i draw because its always playing when I do.

HJ: You have shown that you are not an artist who sticks to one medium
e.g. only canvas. Instead you seem to be well adapt on many different
surfaces. Is this a conscious decision?

CP: No, to be honest I would love to do most of my stuff on canvas with some occasional street naughtiness thrown in, but Im so busy at the moment that I don’t often have time for either, so the different sufaces I do stuff on is simply me drawing on whatever is around when I have time.

HJ: Tools for the job. What do you use?

CP: Basically posca paint pens, with acrylic and emulsion paint.

HJ: Do you have any future plans/projects?

CP: Im in the middle of making an animation which is eating all my time at the moment, I really wanna take it (animating) further but that depends on how this one is received, apart from that hopefully a load more canvas’ by 2009..

HJ: would you ever consider selling any pieces by yourself?

CP: I have sold a few in the past, but im in talks at the moment with an agency that contacted me, that’s pretty exciting cause they can do all the pushing and selling then.

HJ: Websites/Other artists you would like to mention.

CP: Of course I have to mention my partner in crime Choobi, check him out at, we also share a myspace at

And just as some shameless self promotion you’ll find my stuff at, and myspace/cons_pinc.

HJ: What are you listening to at the moment?

CP: Anything on the tru-thoughts label like nostalgia 77, quantic, tm juke, jon kennedy, natural self etc. also I cant stop playing tosca’s album J.A.C at the moment.

Editors note:

I would just like to say thanks to Tom aka Cons Pinc for taking the time out for this interview. To everyone else check out his work!