The Death Set|Waterside, Carmarthen 10.02.08
 Rabbitfoot PR
Ninja Tune
Bonde Do Role
Broken Nose

This two piece from Baltimore, USA are fresh! Signed to Counter records an off shoot to none other than Ninja Tune they have also had a multitude of releases on other labels such as Modular/Universal UK, Rabbitfoot and The Arm/VLXO just to name a few. With a remix of their track called Distressed by Bonde Do Role off the EP "To" they sure know how to pick their collaborators!

"But what has this got to do with Wales!" I hear you cry! Everything is the answer because on Sunday, 10th Feb 2008, The Death Set with support from Bridgend Skacore band Broken Nose will be starting off the UK part of their European tour in The Waterside, Carmarthen! I say Matt has struck gold with this one but make up your own mind and come on down. 16 year olds and above, no dress code just bring it! These guys are coming all the way from Baltimore USA via Amsterdam don't let them down!