Ghost Notes Peckham w/ Scott XYLO and Shigeto Ensemble 15/11/2018

Standing in Ghost Notes on platform 5/6 waiting for the jazz train to arrive. Scott XYLO doesn’t mess about jumping to the stage with enthusiasm and energy that is sometimes hard to find in a support act.

His blend of afro beat with futuristic sound design, throwing down live edits of his  material on Bristol based label Black Acre titled 'Find Us When You Get There'. Combining different styles to showcase his unique live set and sound palette.

After a short break and another train passing we welcomed Shigeto Ensemble trio to the stage. With the well revered beat maker and drummer released on Ghostly joined by longtime musical partners Marcus Elliot on tenor sax and Ian Fink on keys and synth bass.

To say my mind was blown is an understatement. Witnessing the three musicians gel on stage as carriages continued to pass by was nothing short of a jazz masterclass.

I was reminded of the old Blue Note records I became obsessed with when first discovering Jazz. Shigeto has a great skill in combining contemporary sounds with such a classic vibe and I dare to say that every single person in the audience was blown away by the dexterity of musicianship through out the always too short live set that they performed.

Both these acts are 100% worth catching live and booking for your city. Cardiff… I’m looking at you.

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