EMW Pod #002: Nevaris of Loud Apartment Interview at Arundel Square Garden - 230618

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This is a story of how offering to help turned in to a weekend of learning about a musicians life and the relationships that were built through growing up in the vibrant city of New York.

Seeing Hip Hop culture turn from an underground music to a world wide phenomena and sharing the stage with some of the architects of this music we have come to love.

Nevaris takes us on a historical and interesting journey through his musical roots. Linking together the Rocksteady crew, the birth of Hip Hop, P Funk, Latin percussion techniques, Reggae and Dancehall vocalist Hawkman, Talking Heads and legendary producer Bill Laswell all together through one man; Bernie Worrell (1944 - 2016).

This is a story that must be told and has to be listened to.

Thank you to Nevaris, Sita, Cheyla and Coleen for the lovely weekend!


Loud Apartment Soundcloud

Listen to the Bernie Worrell concert in full:

EMW Pod illustration by Anna Meller.