I Just Hope That Life Keeps Me Guessin': A look at LYFLYK.

Is it fair to call someone who likes to keep a low profile, remains humble and yet has already accomplished some mighty achievements a rising star?

LYFLYK is a rising star who has featured alongside the Australian drum and bass producer signed to Hospital and Med-School, Royalston, in 2015 on 'Sunburnt In Malaysia' and on his more recent 2017 album ‘Popular Mechanics’, featuring on the epic hip hop and drum and bass crossover track 'Fork Tongue'. The Cardiff based mc has performed on the same stage as Hip Hop royalty (read on) and also is a dab hand at beat making himself under the guise of Linnaeus (SC LINK) 

As a lyricist he digs deep.  Cem aka LYFLYKtells me over FB messenger that he’ll be dropping a Hip Hop mixtape “somewhere between the middle and end of May” and will include about 12 tracks. 

For fans of Tru Thoughts and deep UK hip hop vibes. 

(It) will just be my bars over a collection of beats, some from producers I've collabed with or others are just random beats floating around on the web. Such is the hip hop way”

'Count On Me' drops today and is available to listen on LYFLYK's Soundcloud. It will feature in the forthcoming mixtape 'First Words'. 

This one from a while back will also be on there:

"Most of the rest are a bunch of new stuff that I haven't put online yet..."

1994 Lyrics :

I'm outside above the ground on cloud number 9,
Bound for somewhere nice I'm travelling light,
Like photons bounce out of your eyes,
Bow down to the animal that co founded the sky,
Found it and left it, eggs with the breakfast,
Done so much right I ain't even turned left yet,
The best dressed with the interesting necklace,
Caressing breasts of girls at festivals tell 'em they'll get guestlist,
She told me I was her best kiss,
It felt like the world collided while I headspinned,
LSD ingested, empty gestures,
I said come off it, they heightened the ledges,
So keep your eye out for the pythons in hedges,
Their bite brings you down like a viral infection,
But I ain't stressin' I know the next years'll bring the best bits,
I just hope that life keeps me guessin'...

I just hope that life keeps me guessin'
I just hope that life keeps me guessin' 
I just hope that life keeps me guessin' 

I got the right rapid flow and the white rabbits know,
A wise man I write plans on the back of bones,
Set sail for lands of Galapagos,
Light the sky up with fire from a dragons throat,
Cause they're my next of kin don't ever get it twisted,
I'm pretty much a skeleton the rest of him went missing,
I met this elemental wizard ended up telling me this wisdom,
"Look at your feet quit staring at the distance",
I guess he meant because we're here and now,
Why focus on the future tense a place you'll only ever hear about?
It makes sense so I read it loud and clear,
Now I'm seeing out my fears while you're speeding out of here.
Spitting a pyroclastic flow, swigging a cider pass the dro,
Your lyrics invisible my words are written on pyramids cast from stone,
Winning the battle the king of the castle,
I'm spitting out arrows from higher ground,
So how d'ya like me now,
Chilling I'm sitting inside a cloud,
Surrounded by the smoke rings that be filling the room when I'm about,
If life's an ocean then I'm drowning when the tide is out,
Washed ashore, Grew some gills and dipped back underwater,
Now I'm swimming with a million remora. (
Lyflyk - 1994)

I took the opportunity to fire over five questions to get a better picture of the soul behind the artist. He very kindly answered them on a drive (as a passenger) towards Devon. 

A lovely part of the world!

Enjoy and be sure to keep up to date with the artists Soundcloud, follow his Instagram and give him a like on Facebook.

I Just Hope That Life Keeps Me Guessin': A look at Lyflyk

Why do you do music? 

I do music largely for the joy I get out of creating it. There's nothing like the feeling of a good track coming together! It's also pretty cathartic for me so if I'm in a low place then getting some of it out musically helps me feel better.

What are your inspirations? 

My inspirations are artists like J Dilla, MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt, Jesse James Solomon, Madlib, Four Tet, Jonwayne, Nicolas Jaar, Theo Parrish, Moodymann. I also get a lot of inspiration from nature. I did a zoology degree so have a big love of natural landscapes and plants/animal/fungi etc. I often drop references towards them in my bars.

I am also inspired heavily by emotions both positive and negative that I feel towards people and situations in life.

What’s been your biggest challenge and achievement so far? 

A) Biggest challenge has been going from finishing my zoology degree straight into trying to start a career in music which is obviously quite far away from what I studied and a bit of a risk.

Many people might see that as not a wise move or think that you should stay in your field but my main love is music and I want to try and make something with it. If you don't try you will never know. If all else fails I can always go back to the degree I guess

B) I think my biggest achievements are definitely still yet to come, as I haven't even dropped a single full project yet so haven't given myself much of an opportunity for growth.

But it's all gonna be happening over the next year I hope. So far though would probably be supporting Slum Village when they came to Bristol which was amazing. One of the best crowds I've played to and everyone seemed to be feeling it which was tight.

What other things do you do apart from music? 

Meditation plays a big part in my life. I try and do that daily to keep my mind in check and stop the stress levels from ever getting too high. Yoga has also come into my life recently as a by-product of meditation I guess.

Other than that I like to be out in nature, or socialising from time to times is a must. Especially seeing as I'm such a hermit most of the time these days, such is the music grind !

What do you aspire to be?

I just want to have created a lot of projects and sounds in the future that I genuinely think are really good and I'm proud of and that people can enjoy. I am just someone expressing myself in my true form, how I feel/what I think and hope other people are doing the same in their own lives whatever their roles may be.

Apart from that I’m just trying to be a good person and form connections with people wherever I go. Forming meaningful relationships is one of life's highlights. And yeah trying to spread love and kindness always! Cheesy but good haha

Many thanks to Lyflyk for taking the time. Like what you hear, have something to share? Get in touch. 

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