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20 Jul 2017

A personal appeal.

For the last few years I have been living in my overdraft and suffering because of this. It has taken a tole on my mental health and also on progressing in my creative life. The most frustrating aspect of this situation is that I have been working and seeing all of the hard earned money disappearing.

Recently I have become more desperate, owing increasingly more and being hit every month with bank charges that continue to negate my attempts to get out of this mess. The truth is that the sums I require are minute compared to the debts of others but I am still in a position where it is seriously affecting my life. I need to raise £3000 to get in to a position to clear all debt.

I have been working and have been trying to get out if this situation but every month I am in the same position! I have now come to a point where I have to use the assets I have to regain some balance . I have already sold a large portion of my tools. Now I am selling my first musical work. It is a 6 track EP of electronic music that I created in my last year of university. I have made the EP available on Bandcamp as pay what you want. You can download for free or name your own price. All I ask is for some support to get me out of this dilemma. You might even like what you hear!

I am not giving up , continuing to seek opportunities of work. I know there are many in a similar position and it's times like these that really test ones character. I am also aware that there are thousands of appeals for donations online , every social media platform is peppered with stories that deserve attention. This is my attempt to be as honest as I can about why I am selling my music. Consider it an experiment to see if it is possible to use creative assets to change . If it works this could be a massive story! One that would encourage others to keep on working on their creative projects and to not give up!!

If you read this and decide to support my appeal then please do not hesitate to get in touch info@electronicmusicwales.com. I will remember your kindness and if there is ever anything I can do in the future to help your own personal and creative journey I will. Whether that be spending a couple of hours on a mix, remixing a track or helping you learn the fundamentals of electronic music production.

Here is a link to the EP titled 'Painting in the Dark' - paintinginthedark.bandcamp.com

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