Boris a Bono 'Epoch' review

On his most recent release ‘Epoch’ we find Boris a Bono in a state of uneasy rest, hiding in the sanctuary of his duvet in a flat in Roath. Filtering and tremolo haunt his vocals as grains of found sound are sprinkled over beats. The schizophrenic combinations of acoustic and electronic initially suggest that there is more than one person involved but it appears this is not the case as BaB explains, “originally Boris a Bono were meant to look like two different people. One was more involved with the acoustic side of the sound and the other involved with the electronic. Since then the idea has evolved into one person and with different people contributing to the live performance - it makes more sense this way”. 

It’s music that hangs between the dream state and consciousness, a juxtaposition between rest and having to get out of bed to face the day. As the creator reveals a little more about the character known as Boris a Bono:

“Boris a Bono is a timid introvert with fears and stresses of everyday life. He’s an over-thinker and a very shy man. He is closed and distant. Writing songs of daydreaming, fear of interaction and placing himself in other people’s shoes exploring emotion through music.”

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and the role of musician seems to be intertwined with the ‘other’ of music which includes promoting oneself as an artist and maintaining some social media presence it is no wonder that creative introverts the world over are hiding beneath the sheets. By stressing about social media exposure and getting enough plays it is possible to let the pressures get in the way and disrupt the essential creative process.

Speaking of the creative process BaB says “I quite like the idea of putting myself in someone else’s mind and write from their head. Or just make up scenarios for the character I think they are. The window is always a good place to start”. Whether it be from the perspective of a passer by or his own emotional state ‘Epoch’ is a fragile sonic painting of a slightly withdrawn but intrigued individual attempting to make sense of his day dreams through his songwriting.

You can listen and download Epoch on the Cul:De:Sac records Bandcamp.

Also listen to Boris a Bono previous release 'In the Doldrums EP' available through iTunes .

Boris a Bono performs at Cardiff Made on March 4th alongside Swansea Laptop Orchestra, Ani Glass and Friends - Facebook event