Nat Osborn Band Live at GwdiHw Review

Nat Osborn from Brooklyn New York brought a stripped back version of his live band, Nat Osborn Band, to GwdiHw Cardiff tonight treating the audience to an all original set. The trio including Nat Osborn on keys and vocals, Reuben Cainer on bass and Will Haywood-Smith on drums met in the bustling live music scene in New York and began playing together four years ago although the band itself have been working for much longer than that. There is a very raw connection that comes through as a trio and although he prefers to perform with a full band it was a great opportunity to hear Nat's songwriting talents take centre stage. Mixing up traditional songwriting with the inventiveness of free form jazz improv. With pop sensibilities and a great vocal range the set captivated the small but attentive audience from the start.  

There were songs about the city and love, plus an extra special appearance from the supporting Jack Mac brass section to finish off the night. Stand out songs where the opener ‘Cagey’, a song about living in New York city, the slow and atmospheric "Leave All This To Me", which included some great soundscape from bass player Reuben Cainer, who took advantage of his Line 6 M9 pedal to create a deep, textured background, and the excellent ‘Too Late’ which came to life with the added brass (who had only just met and practiced once in sound check!). It’s moments like this that make live music scene in Cardiff so exciting and worth braving the cold. A great performance with bucketloads of soul.