AlphaSphere coming to a party near you

"We are nu desine, the developers of the AlphaSphere, a new musical instrument which is designed to free the modern musician and producer from the constraints of the musical tradition defined by the Western tradition of the keyboard.  The AlphaSphere opens up music making to a more universal musical language, allowing users of any ability the opportunity to express themselves.  With it's tactile and ergonomic features, the AlphaSphere is completely customisable therefore creating a completely unique and original sound for any aspiring musician.

We have set out to change the way that music is played, and as a result closely collaborate with musicians and engineers from all around the world. We are developing a series of new musical products that will bring the musical world closer together. The AlphaSphere has unlimited possibilities, holds no bounds and drives our inspiration to venture into new musical heights." Diego (AlphaSphere Rep)

You can find demonstrations at several festivals over the summer. Starting at Sunrise next weekend.