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Dear readers,

   EMW's mission statement is and has always been to promote good music to good people all over the globe. We would love to see it stay alive in the ever growing pond of online information and amazing musical resources. I believe the blog still have a purpose to push the artists and events to as big an audience as possible. I'd like to think EMW can grow naturally without too much competing in a popularity contest to get more likes, follows and mentions as this side of things is really boring and can be quite annoying for the reader who continues to be bombarded with the same message over and over again. I try to make sure that this is kept to a minimum and hope that the content itself is enough to keep people interested.

   Having said that if you have found any of the posts interesting or have come to one of the EMW Presents nights over the last couple of years it would be amazing if you could just do one beautiful act of kindness and click share on the Facebook page (!

 The more people that we can attract to the blog the better it is for the artists we feature. I don't believe music culture should be a popularity contest, I believe it should be a living, growing, organic (NON GMO) entity that encourages creativity and shares the wealth with all those involved through amazing releases and events that inspire positive reactions throughout society.

Here's a few musical delights I've been enjoying recently - FREE DOWNLOAD of Charlie XCX - What I Like (Bodhi Remix)

Peace and BLESS,

Love you all x