"End Of Level Boss Music" Interview with Percy Filth.


 This ones for all you RSI sufferers, do your finger exercises and start bashing those buttons! Released as a joint venture on two Hip Hop labels, Eat Good records and Aerosolik, "End Of Level Boss Music", released on the 11th May is a 7 Track EP by Bristol based producer Percy Filth and co-collaborator Mylo Stone featuring a strong list of guests including Rola Roc, Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Juice Aleem, Bva, Eva Lazarus, Split Prophets and Serocee. Percy Filth gives us some insight in to the release out today!


EMW: How did "End Of Level Boss Music" come about?

PF: Me and Mylo have been friends for about 10 years through a mutual friend In Scarborough who runs Aerosolik records. We mentioned that we should work on something together but it never really materialised until about 18 months ago when I sent some beats to Mylo and he started writing to them.

EMW: So this isn't the first collaboration with Mylo?

PF: This is the 1st full collabo with Mylo Stone. I produced a beat for him maybe 7 years ago when he was part of a crew called the Cohorts but that's as far as it went as we both had our own stuff going on.

The track was called Go, Fly.        

EMW: Bristol seems to be a good place for Hip Hop music right now. Would you say there's been a resurgence in the last couple of years or has there always been a strong Hip Hop connection with the city?

PF: Bristol does have a good vibe musically and hip hop is a big part in that. The hip hop scene is very inclusive and welcoming in my experience. I have only been here for 12 months so I am yet to fully osmose into the scene so I can't really comment on how it has been in the past. I didn't come down here for the "scene" but I have been pleasantly surprised by how healthy it seems.

EMW: Birmingham based label Eat Good records are also involved with this release. Did having this connection help with finding guest vocalists for the EP?

PF: I've been involved with Eatgood records since its inception as I am close friends with Redbeard, Sonny and Kosyne. Obviously it helped get sonny and Kosyne on there as it made good sense for them to be involved considering we go back maybe 8 years and we share similar tastes and experiences. The clout that me and Mylo both brought to this project enabled us to get some great guest slots. We both have previous releases that people have heard or know about so people were pretty keen to get involved.

EMW: It's a strong selection of guest vocalists. Do you have a stand out track?

PF: For me the stand out track is "Raise the Bar" Mainly down to it being a turning point in the on going development of my production skills. It was a new direction that I wanted to go in musically and it payed off. Plus the emcees ride it really well and eva's strepsil smooth vocals really round the song off as a full package. Lots of movement, change and surprise.

EMW: I read somewhere that you've recently upgraded your studio. What's the main piece of equipment for you when writing beats?

PF: The only real upgrade I did was to kill my old P.C and copy of Cubase sx2 and freshen up my shit with a macbook pro and a copy of ableton. I don't need much kit, just a midi keyboard and a launchpad as a midi surface that I can also use with the ableton clip screen.

EMW: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start making beats?

PF: Yea, be brave, try things out, explore and experiment being yourself. Develop a style/sound and run with it. Never stop being a fan/listener as you will stagnate.

EMW: Solid advice! How can listeners hear more of your work?

PF: By visiting here. http://percyfilth.bandcamp.com/ 

EMW: Are you doing live shows at the moment?

PF: No not at the moment but you can catch me and mylo at this years boombap festival with the rest of the Eatgood crew.

EMW: How can people get in touch with you?

PF: If peeps have anything they want to ask me then just hit me up on Facebook or on Twitter @PhilthyPurse