Optimystic reviews the most recent release on Utopia Music.

Utopia music is definitely one of the drum and bass labels to watch. Releasing track after track of quality music from some of the best producers of the genre. Break is a regular contributer, Survival has been featured, and the label boss Mako continues to push his own flavor on a regular basis with collaborations and solo work. My brother Optimystic reviews the most recent release Utopia Music 10.

The tenth transmission floats in from Utopia seeing the return of the mighty Break, this time teaming up with label boss Mako and brothers Villem and Fields. Soft uplifting chords mark the arrival of "Dilligence" on the horizon, a drifting ethereal vibe that evolves to bring a slightly melancholic edge. A voice speaks out from this dream sequence; "Nobody's Content right now with the world we have created" and this frustration creeps in dissolving the mirage and manifesting itself! Huge switching breaks burst in alongside some nasty bass reminiscent of '97 Dillinja. The energy of this track maintains throughout as the drums change up patterns and multiple bass layers assault the senses. 

The family welcomes Russian newcomer Getz on the flip, and contrasts "Dilligence" with the heads-down roller "My Soul". Fat mechanic drums provoke a funky shuffle that gathers momentum as bluesy female vocals filter in and out. Warm drawn out bass anchors this stripped down piece as it is peppered with crispy textures and sparodic synth-chord bursts. These elements shift throughout creating an urgency while maintaining the roll and contrast which characterizes Utopia musics previous communications.

Utopia 10 is now available from all good digital retailers and the 12" will be available very soon! 

With More music coming from from Rido, Mikal, Need For Mirrors, Mako, Villem, Fields and Break, Utopia are stepping up the drum and bass game.  https://soundcloud.com/utopia-music