Culture Vultures Release 'The Hills Have Mouths' EP for free.

Culture Vultures have had a busy year performing at several events and working hard in the studio putting together an EP called 'The Hills Have Mouths' that stays true to their Welsh countryside roots which has been the background to their up bringing. It's refreshing to see a young Hip Hop group who aren't afraid to talk about real life stories rather than put up a front about issues that really don't effect their day to day life. You're more likely going to hear a  teenagers pining for boobs on this EP than you will here gun talk.  Po Griff, one third of the group explains.

HJ: What's cracking?

PG: Not much. Mainly just hyped for the upcoming gig and getting the set down!

HJ: Yes! You'll be performing this Friday at the EMW & WOM night. What can we expect?

PG: HYPE HYPE HYPE! Us getting retarded and hopefully, hopefully getting the crowd punching each other.. In a good way! And of course trying to keep the lyricism levels high in the process, it's all about that balance.

HJ: I'll be interested to see how you pull that off haha. So you're performing material off of your new EP 'The Hills Have Mouths'?

PG: Yep! The set is the EP essentially bar some of the more chilled tunes and we have one exclusive track that we have literally just made! It's a proper banger so hopefully that will go smoothly.

HJ: You'll kill it no doubt! I was chatting to Ed aka Mr Phormula today and he mentioned something about a little intro?

PG: Ah! That's the exclusive banger actually, I got the beat off the producer but needed it looped to have three 16's so Mr Phormula being the all round nice guy and Hip Hop badman he is has looped it for us.

HJ: Legend!!! You'll be dropping that on Friday?

PG: Yes! Hopefully, that will be the pinnacle of rowdiness!

"Basically I would rather 100 people had it for free than see 50 people buy it." - Po Griff

HJ: Who's involved with Culture Vultures?

PG: Culture vultures consists of three rappers. Myself (Po Griff), Finn Bar and Doctor Squires but we've also got cool people we work with such as Angus our cameraman and Thirtytwo our artist who have both contributed a lot lately so shouts to them!

HJ: Big! Really looking forward to hearing your new material. You're giving the EP away for free! What made you decide to do this?

PG: It's kind of what you have to do these days you've gotta put more work out and show the fans more love to get things like CD sales back! Plus it is our first release, we would rather just chuck our stuff out there and have more people know what we're about and hopefully that pays off when we do sell material but to be honest no. Basically I would rather 100 people had it for free than see 50 people buy it.

HJ: Thats a good way to be for sure and hopefully off the back of this EP you'll get more gigs. What can we expect from the new EP?

PG: In terms of what to expect it's hard to say, this sounds dead cheesy and obvious but you can expect us. What I mean is we just transfer our life onto tunes so you can expect real life shit basically. We have a fairly dense lyrical style and like to keep the the wordplay and the patterns intense. In terms of the sound of it's a very low-fi natural sounding EP so you wont find the slightest bit of electro sounds in there! There's beats influenced by blues, swing and soul on there so hopefully that gives you and idea of our style

HJ: Who's behind the beats?

PG: Half of it is produced by L'orange a fucking crazy producer from North Carolina who I hit up after finding his beats and loving them. He was safe as fuck and gave me some beats for free! Then the other day I see a tune by Blu and it was produced by none other than L'orange so that tells you what sort of level he is on and how lucky we are haha theres one tune produced by A Positive from Austria, one by Scizzahs, one by Hines and one by Lazy Scribble. They're especially sick you should check them out but they are dick heads, I'm warning you!!! So that's 8 tracks in total...

HJ: You also started up a Hip Hop and Live Poetry night called 'Word Of Mouth' this year. What's the main idea behind this night and what can we expect from it?

PG:  Umm... That was sort of made to fill a gap to be honest. In general, West Wales is very much oriented to electronic rave music and also there are bands obviously but my main passion is lyricism. The beats are more of a platform for that for me, also the Parrot music bar in Carmarthen have been doing poetry nights with a relative amount of success so I guess it was to bridge that gap and consolidate lyricists really so there's a platform beyond the ravers and bands, it's all about working together to surge forward.

In terms of what to expect obviously, Word of Mouth are involved in this Fridays gig (Leaf Dog, BVA and Smellington Piff) and in February we also have two Canadian Hip Hop groups coming to the Parrot. Flight Distance (some of the best lyricism I have ever heard) and OG Hindu Kush who had the likes of Royce Da 5'9 on their album so thats going to be big!! The hard part with that is getting the UK to know who they are and what calibre they are at because they are relatively unheard of here...

This is a perfect time to let the people know actually, I strongly advise any Hip Hop head to listen to both! They are very different so you are bound to like at least one of them.

HJ: Sounds good! You've also had a couple of gigs at festivals this year. One time dragging my poor self along as a driver if I remember correctly. What's the best memory you have from this Summers antics?

PG: Ye, basically got booked a couple of times over the Summer by Sika Studios, a touring Hip Hop stage that hits up loads of festivals and other gatherings! I was very chuffed about it, massive shouts to Chris for putting us on as we have very little music out. I love festival season so to get in free to places and perform is a dream. As far as the stories go there's too much to say but I can give some highlights. You driving us to Peterborough saying we're leaving the same night and you're staying sober because your friends advise it and us subsequently forcing Lidl value rum down you until you dominated every mic in the festival with your improv grime mcing (WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT! I WANA KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! OOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIII WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT HARI WANTs TO KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT OOOIIIIIIIIIII) and convinced fire breathers you're a a professional whilst dribbling fire down you like a pyromaniac toddler.

HJ: Wow! I don't remember any of it!!! haha

Also, trying to get to West Sussex to the Mischief festival in Finn Bar's Micra that he forgot to tell us only bump starts, getting thoroughly blunted and rummed up and breaking down in Winchester for a few hours finally getting the car going but it was to late to get into the festival. Not having a place to stay we drove all the way to Brighton where my sisters live. Panic over, we're in doors. Doctor squires proceeds to have what looked like to me a fit so I rang an ambulance, so me and squires are in Brightons kids ward at three in the morning, smashed off our tits while the police occupy my sisters house. Turns out it was just really good weed and a lot of rum mixed with not eating! We finally leave the hospital in the middle of Brighton, sureal as fuck! Find our way back to the house to find the police are still there and want to take squires to social services as he is only 15 and we're terrible evil people! (For some reason the cops didnt believe were were a rap group who had traveled from West Wales and had accidently got to Brighton and had no ID, I know ridiculous) it's now 4 or 5 in the morning and long story short a new controlling officer or whatever they're called came on duty and told the police in the house to leave because there was more serious shit to do haha so lucky. Ye so thats the short version.

HJ: Who would you say have been standing out as artists in the last couple of years? 

PG:  Flight Distance, Joey Badass, Jam Baxter, Leaf Dog (as much for his retarded production rate on dope music as his equally dope album!)

People like Stig of the Dump, Dr Syntax and Chester P are all time legends of mine but have been quite  quiet in terms of projects recently, well syntax has been doing loads of stuff just not a full Hip Hop album contact play to the latter list also...

HJ:  So I hear you've been Go Karting tonight and had a few issues getting back in to your car? You don't have much luck with vehicles do you haha

PG:  Haha basically went go karting in Newport and put all our phones, wallets and keys in our mates car. People were having a fag break outside by the car, Pete closes the car we go to open turns out some people have automatic locking cars (who knew) and fuck the rest of the story...

HJ:  Haha jokes, think we're done.

PG:  Sweet! See you at the mutherfucking ruckus!

A massive shout out to Tom Oram from the Secret Lemon Project for recording, mixing and mastering the EP! Also a huge thanks for all the producers who contributed to the project. Peace

Culture Vultures EP 'The Hills Have Mouths' is available over on their Bandcamp for free!!! Go grab it and spread the word.