Jewellers get full release and BBC Introducing spotlights Wales

Having briefly blogged about Jewellers last year I am ashamed to say I completely forgot about them, until now! Listening to Jen Long's excellent show on Radio 1 I was lucky to catch a short mix by the pair that is a great introduction to their music. Lots of melodies, beats and a great use of vocals. Take a listen to their most recent offering 'Sleep Education', that's just been given a full release on  independent label, The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing and make your own mind up.

BBC Introducing are currently doing a spotlight on different areas of Wales. Last week Jen Long looked at Newport (listen to the show here) with features from Fernquest, Antizzle and Jewllers. This Sunday Jen heads to Swansea with a feature with Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage plus a live session from The Last Republic. The week after will shine a light on West Wales music and I am very proud to be able to be apart of the show with a 15 min mix and an interview alongside The Conductors, Aled Thomas. We'll be talking about bands, producers, venues and events that make up the West Wales music scene. If you have anything to share with us please don't hesitate to get in touch on Facebook (Electronic Music Wales), Twitter (@EMWBlog) or by email (