Q+A with Bass Clef in run up to his live performance at The Parrot 27th May 2011

Tomorrow night we see the return of Bass Clef to Carmarthen town to perform his world famous live set at The Parrot. Here Hari Glitch catches up to find out what's going on and to hear about future plans. Hope you enjoy! Peace

Tangled Parrot Presents... Bass Clef plus support Facebook event

HG: Hello and welcome to EMW. Please introduce yourself to those who may not know your work.

BC: Hey, I'm Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef. I make and play my own music, which is bass-heavy stuff to hopefully make you dance and to mess with your mind a little bit.

I just released my third album 'Inner Space Break Free' and I'm very happy to be coming back to Carmarthen - I've always had a crazy and great time there. Looking forward to checking out the newly relocated Tangled Parrot!

HG: This is your third time performing in Carmarthen town so welcome back! What can we expect from your live set tomorrow night?

BC: Tomorrow's live set will be the usual trombone and percussion-fuelled mayhem. I have loads and loads of new tunes to play.

"The punch drunk 12" - 'Rollercoasters Of The Heart' - is still very Bass Clef, but also very dancefloor, my best 12" yet, in my opinion anyway."

HG: Sweet looking forward! So you have a forthcoming release on Peverelist's label Punch Drunk which will be dropping on 13th June. Is this going to be a different sound to your previous releases?

BC: The punch drunk 12" - 'Rollercoasters Of The Heart' - is still very Bass Clef, but also very dancefloor, my best 12" yet, in my opinion anyway. :)

HG: You also have your own label/blog Magic + Dreams How long has this been running and what made you want to start your own label?

BC: MAGIC + DREAMS was kicked off just two months ago. I wanted to do stuff myself partly to be more hands on - the casettes and cdrs we've released have all been assembled by us, by hand, it's really nice to be involved in everything from start to finish, and to have direct contact with the people actually digging your stuff!

Bass Clef 'memory scars' by magicanddreams

Bass Clef 'I think you are ready now for the eternal point of no return' by magicanddreams

I wanted to make great music and also great objects, rather than the somewhat abstract and unsatisfying experience of releasing downloads or cds via massive distributors etc...

HG: So keeping hold of those DIY asthetics that so many labels began with? How do people get hold of your cassettes and CDrs if you are not using mass distro?

BC: Mostly just directly from us via the website so far. we are starting to go through a few shops now, slowly!

HG: What or who has been the biggest influence to your most recent sonic escapades?

BC: I've been listening a lot to the KLF and Altern-8, very commercial stuff back at the beginning of the 90's for sure, but still amazing - they changed my life at 15/16, and are doing it all over again right now...

HG: A question from a friend. What made you pick up the Trombone and use it as your main instrument?

BC: Ha! Well, acttually I wanted to learn the trumpet. I was about 9 years old. But the school had run out of trumpets - so I started trombone instead.

HG: When your chilling out after a session on the Trombone. What beverage sorts you out?

BC: Leaf tea all the way at the moment (not very rock and roll is it?). A good green tea is absolutely killer.

Check out Bass Clef's You Tube

You can catch Ralph performing live tomorrow night from 01:00am at The Parrot, 32 King St, Carmarthen, Wales UK