Trwbador pay their respects to Trish Keenan RIP

Owain and Angharad aka Trwbador reflect on the passing of Trish Keenan RIP and her amazing work with Broadcast and the Focus Group. The passing of such an influential person is always a great tragedy and it is with great respect that this post has been written. Harij

"Trish Keenan's death is a shock and a great loss to music."
We're not great authorities on Broadcast or anything, in fact we've only known who they are for less than a year but they've been a big influence on our lives as 'Trwbador' in this short time. When we started playing live back in March, someone suggested we check them out for ideas and roughly the same week Adam Walton compared us to them on his show so we were like, 'Ah we have to check this band out'. We were fairly immediately blown away by them and continue to be. Harry was only watching their videos the night before Trish's death and 'Poem of a dead song' has been Owain's ring tone for months and continues to be.

'Come on let's go' has been an anthem of the Summer and The Focus group album has had massive influences on some of our productions as well as being the album we choose to listen to before going to sleep for a month or so.

"Download the audio trailer for the Broadcast and the Focus group investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age from Warp records website."
Trish Keenan's death is a shock and a great loss to music. The Broadcast and Focus group album proved just how diverse they were and how much they had to offer. The weirdest thing for us about this situation I guess is that we've written and planned our 2011 album with a lot of Broadcast influence, which is inevitable as they were one of the bands we listened to most for the last year. Their production techniques, the atmospheres they create and their vocal styles will probably be an obvious reference in some of our future work. It seems a little morbid now but it would be a shame for us to change their influence on us. We'll always talk openly about our influences and of course Broadcast are'nt the only one, but if anyone who likes us wants to know how we get our ideas, hopefully we can share this information and more people will find out how great this band was. There are a lot of art rock/bands bands from the 90's and 00's that are really great but we think Broadcast will stand out because they have shit loads of soul and create the most intense and beautiful atmospheres, even though their sound feels like something one is immediately comfortable with. We'd like to offer our condolences to James Cargill, as we only know the side of Trish that was a fantastic and inspiring musician she was doubtlessly a lot more things to a lot more people and they will feel this loss more than us people in the music world.

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