Mister Digital Interview With D.Gritty

When you talk about Emcees that have really put in the work in the UK D.Gritty is top of the list. He has worked with the best in the business from all over, and toured the world. Not to mention being undefeated battle champ in cardiff for years. Personally one of the best I have worked with, a true Emcee. I caught up with him on the eve of supporting Homeboy Sandman to talk about his new projects

M.D. Welcome to EMW. Could you introduce yourself to those who might not know your work?

D.G. My name's D Gritty (formally known as Humurak D Gritty) I am an artist born in Leeds raised in Bradford who's been living in Cardiff for over 1o years. I make music from the heart an represent the struggle.

M.D. You are soon to be performing with Homeboy Sandman in Cardiff is this the first time you have supported an artist from the U.S. ?

D.G. Nar I've supported quite a few American's, Gangstarr (rip Guru) Mos Def , Jeru the Damager, Pharcyde, X Men, ready 2 support some more tho so promotors holla lol...

M.D. What are your musical influences ?

D.G. My dad's a Ragga DJ so I grew up listening 2 Gregory Issacs, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and loads of other positive music. So they influenced me as did Ninjaman ,Shabba Ranks.. Hip Hop wise it was Tupac, Big L , Redman, Ghostface...

M.D. What was it that first attracted you to hip hop and in particular becoming an emcee ?

D.G. Hip Hop attracted me because it was a form of expression and I had a lot 2 say... It became a way of getting things off my chest.. It's attitude was fuck the system an so is mine..

M.D. How do you feel about the current state of Hip Hop in general ?

D.G. Hip Hop is not dead it's just at the minute u gotta dig deep 2 find real artist's music.. all that Hip Hop in the charts is dry...but there's plenty of quality Hip Hop out there... and more people than ever are making a living out of it (especially in the UK) on the downside theres nuff bullshit out there 2.. still theres real artist's like me holding it down..

M.D. Your currently working on a new album how does this one differ to the work you put out on sfdb?

D.G. The music I'm making now is more emotional, it's more me.. I work with all different producers instead of just 1 ,.. I run everything now so I'm in full control an make music on how I'm feeling at the time.. my new album's called 'No struggle No progress', it features production by First Aid, Mister Digital ,Metta Beats, 8tray, .. it should be out in may on my own label 'Rags Records'..check the first single now Real talk, on You Tube an download it at Rags records bandcamp..

M.D. are there any artists you have always wanted to work with or would love to work with now ?

D.G. Joe Budden, Jay Electronica, Saigon, Joell Ortiz, J Cole, Ghostface, Dead Prez, Movardo, Keith Murry, but I'm up for making music with anybody who's doing this thing properly so don't be afraid to holla.. before I was an artist I was a fan.

M.D. Whats the best venue you have ever played and what do you think is the best venue in wales ?

D.G. Best venue I played Glastonbury was heavy... played all the academy' s they were big.. Brixton academy was crazy, Thekla in Bristol. fav venue in Wales was the Toucan club now it's either the Welsh Club or C.A.I.. Favourite gig was last tour date of mine and Skinnyman's tour which happend 2 be in Cardiff student union.. it was ram an vibes were off the hook or Dundee (Scotland) in the Reading Rooms that was bananas.. so many sick shows its hard,,, France and Bulgaria were experiences I'll never forget amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.D. Whats the one piece of equipment you couldnt live without ?

D.G. My Macbook ... or my phone loool.

M.D. Have you got any upcoming projects or events you would like to share with us ?

D.G. Next release is my second single 'Put my life in it'... Produced by Mister Digital.. watch for video dropping early Febuary, then late Feb, then the 3rd single early march... 'Skankout' produced by Firstaid featuring K.ners, Buggzy...Fireee...couple more vids then the album in May.. no struggle no progress..

M.D. Any links or shout outs you would like us to drop ?

D.G. Shout out anybody thats tried 2 help me.. please follow me on twitter @Dgritty... Facebook fan page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/D-Gritty/107103872645816 an check my videos Real Talk... Cardiff... just for a day...

M.D Thanks for taking the time out for us here at EMW cant wait to hear the new album.

D.Gritty will be supporting Homeboy Sandman in Cardiff at the Cardiff Arts Institute on the 18th of Febuary make sure you come and check that one its gonna be off the hook