Axxon-Stereophonic Sound (Free Album)

Jack Meadows AKA Axxon

Radio 1 MixTape by [Axxon]

Here's the mix by Axxon that was featured on Bethan Elfyn's show last week. Heavy mix via Axxon's Soundcloud!

Axxon's own productions are also available to listen to and download for free through Bedroom Records. Their website looks like a portal into bedroom production with tutorials and free music made by sonic enthusiasts who dedicate alot of their time making beats in their humble abodes surrounded by home comforts like cusions and tea. I recently got hold of Axxons-Stereophonic Sound Album and it's got some serious bass wobble material inside. A special mention goes out to the track 'A Step Closer' which verging on ear bleed is a sick 1:24 of distortion and bass. Wales has some seriously generous music heads about right now!

Direct Link - A Step Closer

It goes without saying that the standard rules apply if you like the music support the artist. Check it don't reck it. Peace.