Happy New Year!!!

A quick round up of things and stuff...

First I would like to bring your attention once again to an artist I respect very much.


Cons has two prints available for sale from http://www.threenine.eu/shop/cons/1/148 so If you would like a unique piece in your crib check it out!

There is two bands that deserve a listen at the moment the first being Red Stripe a 12 piece Reggae/Dub outfit from Anglesey. This lovely group are giving away a free download of their album so go on you know you want to...



Next check out The Stage Names from Bangor/Carnarfon. Currently unsigned I can hear a lot of promise in these musicians. Check out Jack Little...


A couple of producers at the moment worth a listen are the duo from Bath called Dustyheads consisting of Scribble and Fingerfood. Instrumental beats with a peppering of soul.


Glic is up next and its just pure pop mash up music. Love Penis Envy with the mangled vocal and slowed down bridge. This deserves a hype.

Artwork by Peatree Bojanic

Staying mangled for a bit longer have a listen to InStrumMentals assault on all things beats. Spead up two step and instrumental joys from this talented individual.



Hailing from Newport with their digital mayhem The Binary Kids are a good example of how party music can (and will) be good. Love it.


This year I wil be setting up a small digital label Deaf By Technology. Im looking for artists to release. If you would like me to hear some music send it to my drop box.

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