Three Free Album Downloads Reviewed

Phono (TasksandDuties) - Gross Blank Point (free download)

Gross Blank Ponit is a journey into the works of Phono (TasksandDuties). Headphone music that leaves you wanting more with clever edits and musical passages mixed with diverse lyrics and collaberations. It is an album that pays no attention to rules and goes wherever it wants. leaving the listener hypnotized and smiling. I had this on my player for a whie and couldn't stop listening to it in its entirety. If you haven't done so already get over to Phonos myspace and download this album!

Phonos Myspace

Recall - Plotlines (free download)

Who needs space travel when you have albums like this? Despite being 5 years old Plotlines still seems to be doing things not many producers dare to which is cross boundaries. Recall manages to blend together spacial atmospheres with crazy lyricism from the likes of Nobsta Nuts. A strong sense of musicality combined with an obvious love for creating evolving soundscapes makes this work well worth the download. Plus it's free so get over to Recalls webpage and get on it! (That is if you haven't already).

West Wales Gothic

Vito Music - Other Disturbed Areas (free download)

This collection of music is available as a free download from Vito Musics website(). It is a selection of tunes that did not make it onto their album Make Good Areas Disturbed. This doesn't mean that they aren't worth checking out though in fact quite the opposite. With a couple of electronic remixes of the bands material by the likes of Lord of Lord and DJ ODG this should appeal to both the elctronic music lover and the more band orientated collector.

Vito Music Website

All three of these albums are available for free on the artists homepage. This is just a small example of music you can get hold of without having to steal from the artist! If you have found any other free downloads you would like to be mentioned please let me know and I'll review them up on this blog! Enjoy and spread the word.