A taste of Wales!

First of all I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the support I have had on starting up this blog! Thanks to Matt tangled parrot for the interview! Also thank you to Truan the Oddog for his upfront info on the Jolly Good nights. He is continuing to put on top quality events. Congratulations to Livewire on winning the MC battle. Rumour has it that all material was recorded on the night so keep a look out for a video that may be appearing soon! Look out for the re-match on 7th March at the Jolly Tar with support from Renthouse Groove, Wicca'N'Flame and DJ Distant.

But of course it doesn't stop there and it seems 2008 is going to be a busy year for events. All ready there is a band coming all the way from Baltimore USA called The Death Set who will be gracing the picturesque town of Carmarthen on Sunday 10th Febuary. Be there!
Looking away from Carmarthen it seems Swansea is picking up the pace again with Sin City showing off a line up streching way into the misty future. All ready the scratch perverts have performed and with so many acts coming be sure to check out there myspace. Sin City
keep one eye on Swn Fest a very exciting event that I'm sure will be at the forefront of whats going on in Wales this year!

A quick look at some music coming out of Wales at the moment and first of all I would like to draw your attention towards one Lief Ryan an electronic musician with many years experience under his belt. I'm loving the mash up sound somwhere between the electro uk hip hop and techno. Looking further north to Machynlleth is a dubstep producer going by the name of Razor Wire Razor Wire. This guy isn't messing about and his production skills reach well beyond the normal half step sound that Dub-Step has become so accustomed too.
A name well and truely etched into the Welsh music scene is Iwan Morgan aka Recall who is giving away his 2003 album plotlines on his website. He has also been in the studio with Richard James ex Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci myspace.com/richardjamesband check it out!
Head over to Lews Tewns website for loads of material. Check out there Radio Shows with a live gig recorded from the Waterside in December 2004.

Soon to come is an interview with artist Cons. Pinc so keep checking back! We are off to the waterside tonight to see the Anomalies. watch out for a full write up coming soon!

Have a lovely Febuary.